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StreetInsider: NSR Report: Satellite Backhaul Primed to Generate $25 Billion Annually by 2030

NSR’s Wireless Backhaul via Satellite, 15th Edition report, released today, forecasts $25 billion in annual revenue in 2030 for satellite backhaul, propelled by explosive connectivity demand worldwide and post-COVID-19 recovery in the near term. On this potential, “New business models like Managed Services and Network-as-a-Service are key to make satellite easier to adopt by MNOs,” states NSR. “These emerging offers are growing rapidly with some deployments counting sites in 1,000s. However, higher risks are involved and the upfront CAPEX to develop these services is considerable. The players that succeed in this transition will be able to capture a portion of the $25 Billion annual revenue opportunity by 2030,” according to NSR.