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Via Satellite: OneWeb Suspends Launches From Baikonur, Arianespace Suspends Soyuz Launches

This development could impact OneWeb’s plans to start commercial service, NSR analyst Claude Rousseau tells Via Satellite.

“My bet is that this is stalled for a few months, unless they find a really quick solution,” he said. “This also supports what [NSR has] been saying about the supply of launchers — it’s dreadful.”

Rousseau expects nations to now double down on investment in native launch capabilities, especially the United Kingdom, which has a number of launchers in development hoping to reach orbit in the near future.

“There’s a lot of ramifications — where the satellites are being built, who’s funding it, where the services are going to be offered,” he added. “For some of us that are watching this space, we never thought that there would be a war that would have an impact on the LEO market.”